3099 Grafts, 62 year old male

This patient is a 62-year-old male patient from Portland who desired increased coverage in the frontal portion of his scalp. He has some scant hair in the front and wanted to redefine the frontal hairline to be able to grow his hair long for a full appearance. The before and after photos are presented which show very diffuse loss in the frontal scalp. His postoperative photos are 15 months after the operation where we transplanted 3099 grafts at the Gabel Center to the frontal hairline and frontal scalp. The interesting feature here is that he is growing his hair longer, which adds additional volume to the frontal scalp, which ultimately translates to a fuller appearance. Also, he has colored his hair black which further accentuates the fullness. The postoperative photographs were taken in the way that he styles his hair, which is to layer it from left to right, again, giving an thicker/fuller result. Overall, the patient feels that his hair makes his appearance look years younger and overall he feels more confident with it.

These photographs were taken with as much consistency as possible: I have been using the exact same camera (Nikon D300)/lens system for years, with the exact lighting arrangement without flash, and a consistent colored background which has not changed in years. The exact distance from the camera to the patient’s chair is marked with tape on the floor, and we use the same settings on the camera to best obtain as close as possible identical shots. I also go through great lengths to have the patient look at objects pasted in the room on walls, a camera tripod, and light stands so they are facing the exact way for the before and after photographs for each and every patient. The photographs are all taken in hi-resolution, which are cropped to fit in the frame I designed for presentation.

Before and After Gallery


Frontal View

Left down view

Right view

View with lines

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