57-year-old Frontal Hairline Restoration

Enhancing the Frontal Hairline

This patient is a 57-year-old gentleman who desired to enhance his frontal hairline due to a slow recession of hair in the frontal region. Rather than bringing his hairline down significantly, he wanted to increase the density of that area to make his hairline appear fuller. The patient underwent a follicular unit hair transplant 1.5 years prior with Dr. Gabel at his Portland Hair Transplant office.

The patient’s before and after photographs are presented side by side to compare the 18-month results. The patient is extremely happy with the final outcome. This transplant has defined the frontal hairline and consequently produced a more youthful appearance for him.

Committed to what we do

Dr. Gabel and his team are committed to hair restoration and hair transplants – that is what they do. Dr. Gabel is most noteworthy in that he performs every step of the procedure. He does not hire staff in from a national company to perform the procedure. The doctor has a full complement of staff who have been fully trained in the art of hair restoration. He is probably the most experienced hair restoration surgeon in Oregon.


Frontal hairline
frontal hairline down
Frontal hairline Left
Frontal hairline Left 45
Frontal hairline Left 45 down
Frontal hairline Right
Frontal hairline Right 45
Frontal hairline Right 45 down

Frontal Hair Transplant of 40-Year-Old Male

This patient is a 40-year-old male who had a hair transplant with 2548 grafts over 2.5 years ago. He had been slowly losing hair in the frontal area of his scalp hence desired to have hair transplanted there. Dr. Gabel performed a frontal hair transplant of 2548 ultra-refined follicular unit grafts into this region of his scalp to redefine the frontal hairline while increasing density in this area.

Video at 1-year after Frontal Hair Transplant


Video at 2.5-years after Hair Transplant

Frontal view after hair transplant

Frontal 45 downFrontal Hair Transplant Frontal downFrontal Hair Transplant Left 45Frontal Hair Transplant Left 45 down Frontal Hair Transplant LeftFrontal Hair Transplant topFrontal Hair Transplant right 45 Frontal Hair Transplant right 45 downFrontal Hair Transplant Right