Repairing the deep front-temporal region

38 Yr Old Male has 2nd procedure with Gabel

This patient is a 38-year-old gentleman who was concerned about his deep front-temporal hair loss in the front of his head. The young man underwent a follicular unit hair transplant strip surgery, his second procedure with Dr. Gabel, at his Portland Hair Transplant office. In total, Dr. Gabel transplanted 3872 grafts into the area, which dramatically improved the look of the deep front-temporal region. This patient’s before and after photographs are presented in a side by side format to compare the 7-month results from the original surgery.

Deep Front-Temporal Hair Loss nearly gone

The patient was amazed and very satisfied with his results and significantly improvement of his self image.  He feels that it has made him appear many years younger. The deep front-temporal hair loss that was very evident prior to his surgery is now nearly gone, in addition, the thin line scar on the back of his scalp is nearly invisible, in part due to Dr. Gabel’s superior surgical skill using the Tricophytic closure technique.

Committed to what we do

Dr. Gabel and his staff are committed to hair restoration and hair transplants – that is what they do. Dr. Gabel is most noteworthy in that he performs every step of the procedure. He does not hire staff in from a national company to perform the procedure. The doctor has a full complement of staff who have been fully trained in the art of hair restoration. He is the most experienced hair restoration surgeon in Oregon. If you would like to schedule a consultation with Dr. Gabel, please click here, and he will follow up with you as soon as possible.


Front - with Deep Front-temporal hair loss
Front 45 - with deep Front-temporal hair loss
Left 45 - with Deep Front-temporal hair loss
Full Left - with Deep Front-temporal hair loss
Frontal hairline Right 45 - with Deep Front-temporal hair loss
Frontal hairline Right 45 down - with Deep Front-temporal hair loss
Close Up Left Frontal hairline - with Deep Front-temporal hair loss
Close Up Right Frontal hairline - with Deep Front-temporal hair loss

What is Propecia?

Propecia is the trade name for the medication finasteride. It is an oral medication manufactured by Merck Pharmaceuticals and is supplied as a 1 mg tablet (Proscar is manufactured as a 5 mg tablet for the treatment of prostate hypertrophy). The daily dosage is 1 mg a day. Finasteride acts by blocking the conversion of testosterone to dihydrotestosterone, one of the hormones responsible for male pattern hair loss. Studies have shown that approximately 90% of the men taking finasteride daily maintained or increased their hair growth where 10% lost hair. Finasteride has been used clinical for the treatment of hair loss in men since 1997 under the name of Propecia. At our Portland hair loss center, schedule a consultation with Dr. Gabel to determine if you are a candidate for finasteride.


Learn more about Hair Restoration Surgery and Propecia
If you would like more information on Propecia and how it may help with your hair loss, contact the Gabel Hair Restoration Center today.  Our Team at the Gabel Hair Restoration Center is ready to help you look the very best and achieve your goals.