44 year old male from Washington

I had my hair transplant procedure 11/3/14 with Dr. Steve Gabel at his Portland hair transplant center. I could almost copy and paste the great reviews that his other hair restoration patient's posted. I still feel I should share my feelings. I had a consultation about six weeks earlier. I did a lot of reading for several years. I was never really depressed with my balding, I just got sick and tired of covering up my head. I just was at a place in my life where everything was taken care of and I was happy. The only thing I wasn't pleased with was my appearance for the last several years. I felt very comfortable with the decision to go ahead and have it done. I wish I did it a few years earlier. I generally don't procrastinate on anything. I finally got the nerve up to just do it. I was never pressured in any way to have a certain amount of work done. We started at 6:30 in the morning. When I arrived we went over some paperwork, chose a lunch from a menu, and went over my recent medication history which took about 15 minutes. The Dr. changed my antibiotics due to the fact I had some reactions to certain other forms in the past. This is a sign of a good md I might add. I had most forms filled out before I arrived. Dr. Gabel, his assistant and I agreed on a hair line that would work for me. I also requested we put as many grafts as we could do at this juncture. I'm sure the Dr. appreciated this. It lets him complete his "work" so to speak. Dr. Gabel had a quick meeting with his team to go over the plan that we established for my hair transplant, and I was in the chair by 7:30. I believe he had five technicians working if I'm not mistaken. First thing they asked me was what type of music I would like to listen to during the procedure. I chose 80's "Hair band" rock. I was attached to a vital sign machine. The shaving and local anesthesia was given. Just felt like little pin pricks, not bad at all. BTW I have never had any type of medical procedure in the past. Dr. Gabel cut the strip out pretty quick, and had it over to his technicians to start preparing the graphs. He sewed me up started prepping my head for the recipient grafts. Dr. Gabel was very specific how many, and where he put the slits. Pretty quiet during this period so he could give it his full concentration. I would say this lasted until about 11:00. We finally finished with the cuts and moved to graft placement. Let me state that if I had to sit in a chair for 12 hours, I would like it to be with Dr. Gabel and his team. Dr. Gabel has a sense of humor that mirrors mine. He gives it out to his team, and they give it right back to him. Makes the time go by fast when you are having some fun in the chair. I would guess we placed 500 grafts by about 1:00 and broke for lunch. I had a nice lunch of pho' from the local restaurant. Kind of hit the spot. I stretched my legs and brushed my teeth and we went back to work. The next 5 hours were just placing grafts. Dr. Gabel is engaged the whole time when we are doing the procedure. He has a few veteran placement techs helping, but is right there placing them at the same time. Perhaps not that common with some clinics. He predicted about 4000 grafts would be harvested. We ended up with 3972. I would say that was darn close. I would say about 6:30 I was cleaned up, and some post op instructions were given for the evening in the hotel. I took some pictures and took care of some paperwork. My wife was called and we left for the hotel. We left around 7:00 approx. The next day they accommodated me with a early appointment. They did a cleaning and gave me some instructions for post op care. Dr. Gabel took a look and gave his blessing. This took about a hour in all. Overall I would recommend Dr. Gabel and his team to anyone. I know that I am just a week into my journey but I feel very comfortable from what I experienced, and the duplicate reviews others have given. Thank you for the pleasant experience Dr. and your team. I gave him the approval to post any pictures up he feels like. These helped me to make my decision, and I would like to help future hair transplant researchers.
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