A Gabel Center Endorsement

A Gabel Center Endorsement I highly recommend Dr. Gabel to perform your hair transplant surgery. My research and experience confirms he is an excellent surgeon, and I believe he is as fine a selection as you can make to perform your transplant procedure. I recently had him perform a fourth transplant procedure for me, and now I understand why Dr. Gabel is held in such high esteem by his patients and the industry. My first three procedures were performed by another surgeon, and though I was pleased with my end hair results, the recent experience I had with Dr. Gabel was better, and clearly done with unmatched care. My experience also established everyone in the Gabel Center supporting my process and procedure was also highly engaged, knowledgeable, and diligent. The entire staff made sure I understood what was happening throughout the process to ensure sure my procedure was comfortable and well done. Perhaps the most important to reason I am pleased with my decision to use Dr. Gabel, was that that I trust his skills and competency. For example, during both our consultation and the surgery, and again based on my previous experience with another surgeon, I quickly knew that he fully grasps and values what he does. I also observe that he won’t take unnecessary risks to simply do a surgery. For instance, I believe that if he does not think it will be ideal for you to have a surgery, he won’t do it. I know this ethical approach was really a big deal to my selection process, so I want to finalize it for you here. So, if you are considering a hair transplant and it’s doable for you, I recommend you have Dr. Gabel perform it for you. Best to you in all.
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