Dr. Geoffrey

"As a physician, I am very aware of doctor patient interaction; in other words, how does the doctor interact with the patient. From the first consultation I had with Dr. Gabel, I was impressed with his enthusiasm and passion for his work. I was also gratified by the thorough explanation of the hair transplant procedure. Having gone through the procedure, I was quite amazed at how comfortable the whole process was. It was smooth and virtually painless, and I felt well attended to by both the doctor and his staff. Best of all, the post-surgical process of healing went remarkably well. Again, I had virtually no pain, and the thorough follow-up was exceptionally professional, as well as courteous. Having gone through hair transplant surgery with another doctor’s clinic, I would highly recommend to anyone thinking of having a hair restoration procedure, to make use of Dr. Gabel’s services. You will not be disappointed. I for one…am very happy with the results."
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