Seattle Hair Restoration

Dr Gabel is not only an incredible doctor but a caring, honest person. I have had four previous hair surgeries by other doctors over a 20 year period. For this surgery I researched all the top hair restoration doctors and location was not a limiting factor. I had a consultation with Dr Gabel in his Seattle office and he listened  to my history, what I wanted to achieve and honestly told me what approach should be taken based on my previous surgeries for the best result. The day of surgery Dr Gabel met with my wife and I for an hour to discuss the strategy.  My wife was impressed that he wanted her to be comfortable with the procedure and address any concerns (my wife is a hair stylist of 25 years). During the procedure the staff were so attentive and we joked around , I almost forgot I was in surgery. Also I was included in every aspect of the procedure. For instance I was shown all the grafts in the dishes once the extraction was finished. I would like to add Dr Gabel placed every graft and was meticulous in placement. After all the grafts were placed Dr Gabel and the staff took great care in cleaning the areas and making everything as clean as possible for fast healing. The next day we went back to the office so Dr Gabel could check the area to make sure everything was in order. Dr Gabel spent quite awhile with us to go over post-op procedures and stressed if I had any questions or concerns to call him anytime. This is by far the best experience I have had with a hair replacement surgery and I know the result will be wonderful. I'd like to give a special thanks to Aileen (medical assistant to Dr Gabel), you are the best!!!
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