Gabel Center AAAHC Certification

Gabel Center awarded Three-year AAAHC Certification

The Gabel Center was awarded the prestigious three-year accreditation status, which is the highest level an organization can achieve. This means that the Gabel Center has met rigorous, nationally recognized standards of quality of health care and requirements set forth by AAAHC.

One Year Prep time for AAAHC certification

Prior to an on-site visit, the Gabel Center spent over a year preparing the entire organization for the standards of care that is required by AAAHC. Once these were met, we had an thorough, on-site visit by a representative from AAAHC who examined every aspect of the practice from the physical structure requirements (emergency medical equipment, backup power supply, and medications that many offices do not have), our policy and procedures manual, patient care forms, consent forms, employee certifications, staff training, and quality improvement studies. We were recently notified that the Gabel Center received an outstanding result with the three-year accreditation status.

Committed to The Highest Level of Patient Care

“I believe our patients are entitled to the best possible care that can be delivered” says Steven Gabel, MD, FACS, the owner and medical director of the Gabel Center. “That is why we choose to become accredited by AAAHC, which I believe is the gold-standard for office-based surgical practices. Obtaining the accreditation was not easy — the team and I worked extremely hard to achieve accreditation, and it is all for the benefit of our patients. I want our patients to know that when they come to the Gabel Center, they are getting the best possible care in a very safe environment verified by an outside agency. It is one thing to just tell our patients that we provide great care; it is another thing to be able to show our patients that we had an outside agency with very demanding requirements evaluate our practice and deem it worthy of the highest level of accreditation. We are all very proud of this accomplishment.”

The real value of AAAHC accreditation comes from the ongoing commitment to patient care, according to Dr. Gabel. “Just because we have achieved our accreditation, that does not mean we can relax our standards. In order to maintain our accreditation, we have to continue to follow the guidelines as set forth by AAAHC, and find even better ways to deliver top-notch care through quality improvement studies and continued feedback surveys from our patients.”

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