What is Latisse and How Does it Work?

Are you tired of having thin, short eyelashes that just don’t enhance your eyes at all? Imagine if you could start your day without even putting on eyeliner or mascara because your eyes already looked terrific! Latisse, by Allergan, is a prescription liquid which will cause your eyelashes to grow when applied as directed. Latisse is used for people who suffer from eyelashes that are too short or too thin.The Gabel Center now offers this amazing cosmetic eye enhancement at our Portland office.

What is Latisse Made Of?

Latisse is a solution which is comprised mostly of an ingredient called “bimatoprost.” Never heard of it? That’s okay. What you need to know is this substance is known for enhancing the growth of lashes. There are also some inactive ingredients in the solution, such as benzalkonium chloride, sodium phosphate, sodium chloride, citric acid, dibasic, and purified water.  Latisse is a man-made product which has been used to treat cases of glaucoma. It was discovered that those who were using the drops for treatment of glaucoma began to also grow thicker, longer eyelashes. This discovery is what prompted testing on Latisse for cosmetic use to begin.

How is Latisse Applied?

When Latisse is picked up at the pharmacy, it will be in a sterile container which has a disposable applicator. To apply the solution, make sure your hands and face have been washed thoroughly. You will also need to remove contact lenses if you wear them. Your contacts will have to be left out for about 15 minutes before they can be reinserted.
Place a drop of the medicine on the applicator and draw it across the skin on the upper eyelid. Keep the applicator near the bottom of the eyelashes. If any of the solution leaks out past the eyelid margin, just blot it away. Throw the applicator away after applying the solution and use another applicator for the other eyelid. Be careful to not touch the dropper tip to the eyelash or any other area of the face or eyes. Application must be on a regular basis in order to be the most beneficial. It’s also recommended you try to apply Latisse at the same time each day.

Are There Any Side Effects?

In some individuals, an allergic reaction could be possible. A few people are sensitive to one inactive ingredient, benzalkonium chloride. Other side effects that can appear include:
* Redness
* Eye irritation
* Itching around the eye
* Dryness of the eye
Typically these side effects are mild in nature and clear up quickly.

Is Latisse FDA Approved and Safe?

Latisse is an FDA approved treatment. It was created to treat eye conditions such as glaucoma, so in the event that it gets in the eye it is not likely to cause any damage. It is important to avoid contaminating the dropper or the contents of the bottle by replacing the dropper after each use.

How Long Will it Take to See Results?

Results can usually be expected in about eight weeks. It is best if it is used regularly and at the same time every day. Some individuals will find that there is some difference between the two sets of eyelashes. Some common differences might include difference in thickness, length, color, fullness or number or direction of growth. If any of these things are observed, discuss it with your doctor.


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