Tricopigmentation is a  technique aimed at mimicking hair in hair-deficient areas. Tricopigmentation involves the placement of tiny amounts of colored pigment to simulate the appearance of newly grown stubble on the head. It requires the use of specialized equipment and pigment to simulate the most natural appearance of hair.

The most highly demanded use for tricopigmentation is to help individuals suffering from pattern baldness (androgenic alopecia) restore the appearance of fullness on their scalp.

Tricopigmentation can be performed to create the following two types of effects:

  1. Shaved effect
  2. Look of improved density

In other words, the procedure may be done to simply render the appearance of having some hair growth on the scalp through a diffused placement of the pigment. Alternatively, tricopigmentation may be performed in thinning areas to help produce the look of fuller density. This would be achieved by creating a greater concentration of pigment points.

These three photographs illustrate the before (above) and after (below) results of tricopigmentation for a shaved effect.

The technique of tricopigmentation is applicable to almost any degree of hair thinning or loss, and will appear as tiny hair stubble, although a person may have a completely bald head.

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