What is a graft?

A graft simply refers to a follicular unit, which may be a 1-hair, 2-hair, 3-hair, 4-hair, or even a 5-hair follicular unit graft. When hair transplants are performed, the single hair grafts (or follicular units) are inserted into the frontal hairline. Just behind the hairline, the 2-hair follicular unit grafts are placed to add density to the hairline, and behind these are the larger grafts to ultimately add density to the entire scalp and hair restoration procedure. The following diagram shows a close up of 1-hair, 2-hair, and 3-hair follicular unit grafts. Continue reading

Follicular Units

Follicular units are naturally occurring groupings of hairs. They are sometimes referred to as “grafts“. When hairs are examined using a high powered microscope, hairs exit the scalp and skin in “families” of 1, 2, 3, 4, or 5 hairs bundled together. These usually exit the skin at one central location and then fan out over the skin. Not infrequently, one may see 2 hairs exit and a single hair exit very close it each other – this is considered a 3-haired follicular unit. As shown in the photo below of a close up photograph of the scalp, there are distinct groups of hair that are exiting the scalp. When Dr. Gabel and his team perform surgery at his Portland hair transplant office, we refer to the follicular units as grafts. Continue reading