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Hair Transplant Overview Hair transplantation is a sophisticated, refined process that involves moving hair from one part of the body (usually the back of the scalp where there is an abundance of donor’s hair) to an area where it is thinning or balding (alopecia). Since the 1950s, hair has been successfully transplanted from the back […]

Donor Harvesting – Strip Harvest Method (FUT)

In Follicular Unit Transplantation, often called FUT or strip hair transplant method, follicular unit grafts are essentially moved from one area of the body with an abundant supply of hair (the donor site) to the area where the hair is thinning or balding (the recipient area). Follicular unit transplantation is a highly effective and permanent solution […]

Hair Transplant Timeline

Day 0:  Day of hair transplant.  The day starts early for Dr. Gabel and his patients.  Depending upon the size and location of the transplant, the procedure can last from three hours to lasting throughout the day. When patients are finished, Dr. Gabel will review exactly how to care for the grafts until the following […]

Follicular Unit Graft Preparation

One of the most important stages of follicular unit transplantation is the preparation of the grafts. When the grafts are prepared, it is vital that the entire follicular unit is kept intact, as this will maximize the survivability and growth of the hairs. The intact follicular units also provide for the most fullness for an […]

Graft Placement/Insertion

The final stage of a hair restoration procedure is the actual placement of the grafts into the recipient area of the scalp, which Dr. Gabel oversees and helps to perform personally. Once the donor hairs are properly trimmed using stereo-microscopes, they are categorized into the 1-hair, 2-hair, 3-hair, and 4-hair follicular units. The follicular units […]

Hairline and Crown Design

The frontal hairline is arguably the most important area of a hair transplant. Not only is it the most visible portion of a hair transplant, but ultimately defines and frames the face. Tremendous variations exist in facial features, and creating a natural hairline not only requires superb technical skills, but an artistic approach is essential […]

High Density Graft Placement

A successful hair transplant depends upon many factors, and one of the most important qualities of a cosmetically beneficial transplant is the ability to achieve adequate follicular unit density with a procedure. In patients who have a sufficient amount of donor hair, follicular unit grafts can be transplanted utilizing high density graft placement techniques, and […]

Trichophytic Closure Technique

The trichophytic closure technique is a surgical method utilized by Dr. Gabel to minimize the appearance of a donor scar after removing donor tissue during a hair restoration procedure. A trichophytic closure is used specifically for suturing the scalp after a strip incision. This technique can provide better camouflage of the linear donor scar left […]


Megassession is a term that describes transplanting a large amount of hair, greater than 3,000 grafts in a single session, and not uncommonly in excess of 5,000 grafts in one procedure. Overall, the more hair that can be transplanted in one session translates to a significant time-saver and overall cost benefit to the patient. This […]

Lateral Slit Technique

Recipient sites refer to the precise location where the prepared follicular units are placed. Recipient sites are made by making small incisions to fit the exact size of the patient’s follicular units. Dr. Gabel prefers to create lateral slits (also called coronal or horizontal slits) vs perpendicular slits. The reason being that lateral slits have […]

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