PRP (Platelet Rich Plasma) + Acell

PRP and ACELL — Restoring Healthy Hair Growth in Portland, OR

At the Gabel Center we are now offering PRP/ACELL treatment as an additional therapy for both the donor & recipient regions to increase the survival and regrowth of hair grafts and reduce scarring.

Stand Alone (Non-Surgical Procedure )

ACELL and PRP can be used on a non-surgical basis for treating thinner, miniaturized hair by utilizing the technique known as meso-therapy,  in which multiple superficial injections are placed into the thinner areas of the scalp. This series of multiple injections can cause the miniaturized hairs to grow and increase in size and thickness.

Potential Usage

Although these potential uses are very exciting, they are also controversial, as there are not many studies that can prove they work consistently. The positive information here is that there has been enough substantial evidence that show that more studies must be done. By utilizing this procedure in only the most heavily scrutinized patients, we may help to increase positive results. The fact is that we must strive for transparency and full disclosure while discussing the information regarding PRP and ACELL, as using it for hair loss is still experimental.



ACELL Extracellular Matrix

Derived from biological material which contain a network of  growth factors, proteins and collagen, ACELL, which is an extracellular matrix, has also has been useful to promote wound healing in other medical fields. ACELL possesses growth factors and has the ability to recruit progenitor stem cells which can help to regenerate tissue.

Platelet-Rich Plasma (PRP)

PRP is a plasma which is autologous and will contain upwards of one to eight times the normal concentration of physiologic platelets. The process by which PRP is obtained begins with drawing 60ml, up to 120 ml of blood from the patient. The next step in the procedure is to utilize a centrifuge to separate the platelets and plasma from the white and red blood cells. This newly separated plasma is cytokine, chemokine, and growth factor rich and has the essential ingredients for angiogenesis and repair of tissue. PRP has been shown in certain cases to assist in recovery and healing in additional areas of medicine including orthopedic and dental and other surgeries.

Hair transplant surgeons will use PRP and ACELL two different ways, either intra-operatively or as a separate, nonsurgical procedure.

Intra Operative ( Surgical )

This treatment can substantially improve the strip surgery donor area. PRP and ACELL can be placed directly into the strip donor incision during the surgery, which can encourage improved wound healing and reduce scarring.
The treatment can also be utilized to improve the FUE donor area. Both PRP and ACELL can also be applied into the multiple micro-needling in the donor area following the FUE procedure.
This is done so that:
* The micro-needled region will repair itself at a faster rate and reduce and minimize the number of scars, which often show as white dots on the scalp.
* The hair can regrow from the micro-needled areas. This process is also called Auto-Cloning. When this happens, ACELL will often recruit progenitor cells which use stem cells left at the area of the micro-needling to promote the regrowth of hair. If this works, it could increase to some degree the donor supply available with FUE.
Chances of survival of hair grafts can be significantly improved in the recipient area with this technique. Survival of hair grafts may improve if ACELL Extracellular Matrix is injected into the recipient area or applied directly onto hair grafts during the time of the procedure.

ACELL Powder


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