Eyebrow Restoration

Eyebrow transplantation surgery is growing in popularity among men and women. While the most common cause of eyebrow hair loss is over-plucking, it may also be due to scarring, electrolysis, or laser hair removal. During the eyebrow transplantation procedure, modern follicular unit technology enhances or restores the eyebrows permanently with natural and undetectable results.

This aesthetic outpatient procedure takes place over a few short hours in the Gabel Hair Restoration Center’s custom-built surgery suite and is performed under local anesthesia. Donor hair is selected carefully from elsewhere on the head to mimic the characteristics of the native eyebrows.

Single hair units are then dissected under high magnification stereoscopic microscopes by trained technicians and transplanted by Dr. Gabel into tiny recipient sites along the brow line. The eyebrows are one of the most expressive facial features and can convey a variety of emotions.

Considerable attention to detail must be given to the placement, angle, and direction of hair growth to aesthetically frame the eyes and give symmetry to the face to create a natural appearing eyebrow.

As with any medical procedure, it is important that the patient discuss his or her goals directly with the physician who will conduct the procedure and is confident in the surgeon’s credentials. During a personal consultation with Dr. Steven Gabel, the eyebrow transplantation procedure and the postoperative expectations and guidance are thoroughly discussed.

To help guide the patient through the post-operative stage, detailed instructions are provided. Slight redness and swelling at the transplanted site are not uncommon immediately after the procedure, and discomfort is usually minimal. In fact, many patients return to work the following day.

The recipient areas on the brow line form small crusts that last for five to ten days. Once these crusts fall off, all signs of the procedure are virtually undetectable. The relocated hairs will begin to shed after two weeks but will re-grow permanently in approximately three months. The new eyebrows will require periodic trimming as it is tends to be hair native to the scalp, and a full cosmetic result can be expected after twelve months.

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