How Does Dr. Gabel Make The Recipient Sites For The Hair To Be Transplanted?

Posted by Dr. Gabel on Wednesday June 5, 2024
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In hair restoration surgery, precision is everything. The pursuit of the best results has led to numerous advancements in techniques and tools, with one of the most significant being the development of custom cut blades. These specialized instruments are revolutionizing the way hair restoration procedures are performed, offering unparalleled accuracy and outcomes for patients. In […]

The Importance of Nutrition for Healthy Hair

Posted by Dr. Gabel on Monday June 3, 2024
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In the quest for healthy hair, people often turn to a plethora of products—shampoos, conditioners, serums, and oils. While these products can indeed enhance the appearance and texture of your hair, the true foundation of healthy hair lies much deeper—within your diet. Dr. Gabel is a strong advocate for good nutrition in one’s diet for […]

The Gabel Center Earns Accreditation from QUAD A

Posted by Dr. Gabel on Thursday May 23, 2024
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Highland Park, IL – The Gabel Center announces the successful completion of its accreditation process from QUAD A, a global accreditation authority.   By earning accreditation, The Gabel Center has demonstrated it meets all of the rigorous patient safety standards set by QUAD A’s accreditation program. QUAD A’s thorough processes, expert surveyors, and consultative approach […]

Oral Minoxidil: Efficacy and Safety

Posted by Dr. Gabel on Friday December 8, 2023

Many patients have been inquiring at the Gabel Center in Portland Oregon about changing from topical minoxidil to oral minoxidil to help treat their hair loss.  The use of oral minoxidil has been receiving a lot of attention since the New York Times published the article1, “An Old Medicine Grows New Hair for Pennies a […]

What is The Difference Between Hair Plugs and Hair Transplants?

Posted by Dr. Gabel on Monday April 3, 2023

If you have researched hair restoration, you may have come across the terms “hair plugs” and “hair transplants”. However, what is the difference between these terms, and which technique is best suited for optimal results? Read on to learn more regarding this topic. Hair Transplants Hair transplantation involves moving hair from one area where an […]

How Many Months After a Hair Transplant Do You See Results?

Posted by Dr. Gabel on Monday March 27, 2023

If you have opted to undergo a hair transplant procedure, you may be wondering when you will be able to see the results. Read on to learn more about the hair follicle transplant process, as well as when you expect to see new hair growth.  The Hair Follicle Transplant Process  Hair restoration is a complex […]

How Do I Choose a Hair Transplant Surgeon?

Posted by Dr. Gabel on Sunday March 19, 2023
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The decision to undergo hair transplant surgery is a personal one, which means that patients are seeking out only the best to ensure they are confident with their results. When seeking a surgeon to perform hair restoration, it is important that you take the time to research credentials and experience. When choosing a hair transplant […]

Dr. Gabel Awarded Castle Connolly Top Doctor Award in 2023: Fifth Year in a Row

Posted by Dr. Gabel on Thursday February 9, 2023
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Congratulations to Dr. Gabel, recipient of the 2023 Top Doctor Award by Castle Connolly. For the fifth year in a row, Dr. Gabel has received this prestigious award for his dedication to providing exceptional care to his Portland Hair Transplant patients. What is the Castle Connolly Top Doctor Award? Each year, Castle Connolly compiles a […]

Topical Finasteride Side Effects: Is It Better Than Oral Finasteride?

Posted by Dr. Gabel on Tuesday January 17, 2023

Is Finasteride Effective for Hair Growth? In a prior blog, I wrote about the efficacy of topical finasteride. More hair restoration patients (especially male pattern hair loss patients) are interested in topical finasteride because they heard that the risk or rate of side effects is lower compared to oral finasteride. In terms of the efficacy […]

Topical Finasteride for Hair Loss: Is It Effective?

Posted by Dr. Gabel on Tuesday January 3, 2023

Does Topical Finasteride Work for Hair Growth? Topical finasteride is gaining interest among patients. The oral form of finasteride has been approved by the FDA since 1997 at a dosage of 1 mg daily. Patients feel that it is an easy form of treatment as a daily pill. Additionally, it is probably the most effective […]

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