Medical Hair Restoration

Dr. Gabel offers an array of nonsurgical hair restoration options tailored to meet your individual needs.


Dr. Gabel prescribes FDA approved medications such as finasteride (brand name Propecia) to help combat male pattern baldness with preventative treatments. Finasteride is taken orally once per day and is clinically tested to be an effective treatment for slowing down or arresting hair loss for most men.


Preventative treatment is the first step in the fight against hair loss, and Dr. Gabel is quick to direct his patients to preventative treatments before pursuing surgical solutions. Minoxidil (name brand Rogaine) is an FDA approved over the counter topical medication that is available in clinically tested variations that are appropriate for both men and women experiencing hair loss to use.

Low Light Laser Therapy

At the Gabel Hair Restoration Center, we are pleased to offer our Portland patients the newest, safest, and most advanced hair loss treatment options. In addition to hair transplant surgery, our patients have access to leading non-surgical hair restoration options like low light laser therapy (LLLT).

Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP)/Acell

ACell, PRP (platelet rich plasma), and Laser Light Therapy are three relatively new types of therapies designed to promote hair growth for patients who are losing their hair. These non-surgical therapeutic treatments can also be beneficial to patients after they’ve had surgery.


Tricopigmentation is a technique aimed at mimicking hair in hair-deficient areas. Tricopigmentation involves the placement of tiny amounts of colored pigment to simulate the appearance of newly grown stubble on the head. It requires the use of specialized equipment and pigment to simulate the most natural appearance of hair.

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