Megassession is a term that describes transplanting a large amount of hair, greater than 3,000 grafts in a single session, and not uncommonly in excess of 5,000 grafts in one procedure. Overall, the more hair that can be transplanted in one session translates to a significant time-saver and overall cost benefit to the patient.

This technique requires a large, organized, and experienced staff with the ability to process a large number of grafts and place them in the recipient sites of the scalp unscathed. Currently, there are very few surgeons who have the ability to transplant more than 2000-2500 grafts in a single session. In patients who are good candidates for a megasession, the final results can be very dramatic due to the ability to cover a larger area of the scalp in one procedure.


Before and after photographs demonstrating a hair transplant greater than 3000 grafts in one procedure to the frontal hairline and midscalp.

Dr. Gabel and his dedicated hair restoration team have time and again demonstrated the technical skills and experience to accomplish these large procedures in which he has been performing for many years. Recently, Dr. Gabel edited a textbook and authored an article specifically on the topic of megasessions, where his shared expertise has been recognized as an educational benefit for the medical community.

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