The Gabel Difference

What is the Gabel Difference

Dr. Steven Gabel takes pride in helping patients regain their confidence and positive self-image through hair restoration. We know the decision to have a hair transplant is a personal and private matter and requires confidence and trust. Dr. Gabel and his highly trained staff are able to offer you personalized care through every step of the procedure. Since Dr. Gabel is the only surgeon at his practice, and he is not affiliated with an outside franchise, he is able to provide a unique experience tailored to the individual patient. This is part of what we refer to as the Gabel Difference.

Dr. Gabel personally performs all consultations and surgical procedures

This allows the patients to develop a strong doctor-patient relationship before the treatment which is the cornerstone and foundation of patient care. Rather than perform multiple surgeries in a day, Dr. Gabel only schedules one hair transplant because he wants complete focus on that individual.

Dr. Gabel is a board-certified surgeon and on the governing body of the ABHRS

Dr. Gabel is a board-certified facial-plastic surgeon. While most hair restoration physicians come from a variety of non-surgical backgrounds, Dr. Gabel has completed a comprehensive head and neck surgical training program, an advanced fellowship in facial plastic and reconstructive surgery focused on producing the best cosmetic results, and is a diplomate and a director of the American Board of Hair Restoration Surgery.

Achieved the Top Score in Hair Restoration Board Exams

In 2016 Dr. Gabel was awarded the James E. Arnold award for the highest score on the written board exam. In 2017 he was selected to the board of directors for the American Board of Hair Restoration Surgeons (ABHRS) where he is also an the author of the current board certification exam.

Awarded 2019 and 2020 Top Doctor Awards by Castle & Connolly

In 2019 Dr. Gabel was nominated by his peers to receive the Castle & Connolly Top Doctor award.

In 2020 he was again selected to receive this prestigious award from Castle & Connolly.

Castle & Connolly Top Doctors are highly sought after physician leaders in their communities and metropolitan areas. Dr. Gabel was certified as a National Top Doctor, meaning he is a top referred specialist that attracts patients from across the country and around the globe.

Accomplished Author

Dr. Gabel has recently edited a current textbook on hair restoration surgery, and authored a chapter on “Megasessions” showing his high level of expertise in the science of hair restoration. As a result, he has had physicians from all over the world visit his office for advanced hair restoration surgical training.

International Speaker & Instructor on Hair Restoration

Dr. Gabel has been involved in several advanced hair restoration conferences as an instructor, and lectures regularly on advanced hair restoration surgical techniques at the International Society of Hair Restoration Physician yearly meeting. In addition, he was a keynote speaker and guest lecturer at the 2018 Haircon in Chennai, India, where he spoke on Transgender Hair Restoration, repair of prior hair transplants using Follicular Unit Excision (FUE), and computerized, real-time hair graft analysis. In 2019 he both lectured and was a member of the faculty for the Saint Louis University PASE (Practical Anatomy and Surgical Education), overseeing and teaching advanced hair restoration techniques to physicians of all levels.

Dr. Gabel Performs Microscopic Ultra-refined Follicular Unit Grafting

This allows Dr. Gabel to maximize the density and coverage of the scalp. This means that he uses both microscopes and loupes when trimming and placing hair grafts in the scalp and hairline, and while sorting the individual grafts by number of hairs. Dr. Gabel places with single hair grafts in the frontal most visible part of the hairline and the multiple hair grafts in the other areas to create a fuller, denser appearance. Dr. Gabel’s attention to detail when it comes to crafting a natural looking hairline is second-to none, matching each graft to the natural direction of the patient’s hair. Ultimately, this produces the most natural results for our patients.

Dr. Gabel is a Member of Two Exclusive Hair Restoration Organizations

Dr. Gabel is a member of two exclusive, prestigious organizations devoted solely to hair restoration: the Coalition of Independent Hair Restoration Physicians, and the International Alliance of Hair Restoration Surgeons (IAHRS). While only a small number of physicians throughout the world are invited to join, each of these organizations have extensively vetted Dr. Gabel and accepted him for full membership. He is currently the only hair restoration surgeon in the entire Pacific Northwest to hold membership in both organizations.

Dr. Gabel is a Fellow of the American College of Surgeons (FACS)

This requires its members to maintain the highest of surgical and ethical standards. The ACS requires physicians to complete a surgical residency which is then critically reviewed by the organization to maintain membership into this prestigious organization. If their training and skill level are approved, physicians undergo a rigorous interview process prior to acceptance. If accepted, physicians must attest yearly to their professional conduct in maintaining their high level of standards for fellowship. Few physicians achieve this level of surgical merit.

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