From Happy Valley, Oregon

"In the 70's we had a wood stove in our family room. I was adding wood to the fire when I was suddenly hit by a back draft, singeing my eyebrows and eyelashes. After years of embarrassment and feeling very self-conscious about not having any eyebrows and sparse eyelashes, I decided to have eyebrows and eyeliner tattooed on. But, even with the tattooing, I still had minimal eyelashes. After conferring with Dr. Gabel, it didn't take me long to say yes to a procedure that would give me eyelashes again, and I was scheduled for surgery the following week. I was very confident in Dr. Gabel, since he is board certified and has done facial, head, and neck surgery. He transplanted close to 30 lashes on each eyelid, and I had very little pain during the process. He and his staff were very patient and professional and explained each step to me. I was amazed at how fast the recuperation time was. My eyes were a little swollen the first couple of days, but after that, they looked normal. On the seventh day after the procedure, I very delicately curled my new eyelashes. I am now going into my second week, and I am extremely happy with my eyelashes. Thank you, Dr. Gabel. I am very thankful and happy with my new eyelashes."
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