Patient 1772

Dr Steven Gabel | FUE 2053 Grafts in the Frontal Temporal | 60 Yr Old Male | 7 Month PO Results

The patient is a 60 year-old man with thinning hair due to alopecia, The gentleman wanted to increase the fullness and density of the thinning areas, and after consulting with Dr. Gabel, it was determined that he was a good candidate for a hair transplant.  The patient chose to go with a Follicular Unit Excision hair restoration procedure, as he did not want the linear scar that would have appeared with a traditional FUT strip surgery procedure. During the procedure, Dr. Gabel transplanted approximately #2053 grafts from the patient’s donor area to the top and frontal area of his hairline. Post operative photographs were taken at 7 months after the patient’s initial surgery, and has healed well. He is extremely satisfied with his results so far and looks forward to seeing final results in 6-12 months.


There is no guarantee on hair restoration results. Individual results may vary.
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