FDA-Approved Emsculpt Burns Fat And Builds Muscles

Posted on May 15, 2019

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We’ve all been told that if you want to have that prized size pack, then you’ll need to hit the gym often. The truth is there might be another way! The FDA has finally approved a treatment that will allow you to get that body you’ve been desiring without having to spend forever in the gym. It’s called EmSculpt and it’s becoming more and more popular for both men and women. 

What Is Emsculpt?

The only FDA-approved energy device, EmSculpt works to build muscle mass and burn fat simultaneously. This machine uses high-intensity focused electromagnetic or HIFEM technology that induces muscle contractions on the supramaximal level. This is not a voluntary level of contraction that we can achieve ourselves. Following the regular building schedule of muscles, when they’re worked in a way they’re not used to, they will build up stronger than before. 

Emsculpt, therefore, works to tone up the muscles of the abdomen and buttocks region. The best part is that this device doesn’t come with any pain or downtime. This type of treatment has undergone clinical tests to ensure its safety and effectiveness for use. In seven different independent studies, there were some common average results that patients got from the EmSculpt procedure. These include:

  • 19 percent fat reduction in the treated area
  • Around 1.5 inches lost from the waistline
  • 16 Percent Increase In Muscle Mass Of The Targeted Area
  • Fat Metabolism Enhanced By Five Times

Who Makes A Good Candidate For Emsculpt?

If you’re looking to improve the shape, tone, and overall look of your buttocks or stomach, then EmSculpt can be a good procedure for you. Those who are an ideal candidate are people who work out on a regular basis and can’t seem to reach their desired results. The Gabel Center likes to see patients who live a physically active lifestyle and eat a healthy diet. 

How Long Will My Emsculpt Treatment Take To Perform?

EmSculpt treatment typically takes about 30 minutes per session to complete. All patients are required to undergo a minimum of four sessions. These sessions will be scheduled about two to three days apart from one another. By speaking with The Gabel Center staff, you’ll be able to discover the number of treatment sessions that you’ll need to undergo. 

What Will The Treatment Session Feel Like?

One of the most popular questions that come up when talking about the EmSculpt procedure is how it feels for the patient during their treatment session. You can expect it to feel like an intense workout. Expect to be sore the next day. During the session, you can lay down and relax. The doctor will be able to adjust the energy levels on the EmSculpt device to fit a comfortable level for your body. 

Will I Need To Schedule Downtime After My Treatment Session?

It’s important to note that EmSculpt is a non-invasive procedure. This means there is no required downtime after the treatment is performed. You’ll be able to feel the results of the device right after the treatment is over. You’ll continue to see results for the next two to four weeks after the last EmSculpt treatment session that you undergo. Some patients may experience ongoing results from the four to the twelve-week mark. 

Are My Results Going To Be Permanent?

During the EmSculpt procedure, the body’s fat metabolism will increase by about five times. This will help to destroy existing fat cells in the area. The decrease in fat cells can be easily noticed after the treatment. However, it’s important to note that some fat cells do remain in the area. If you are in a caloric surplus, the remaining fat cells can expand in size making you look bigger.

To learn more about EmSulpt and to find out if it’s right for you, contact the Gabel Center to schedule your consultation

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