Frontal Hair Transplant of 40-Year-Old Male

Posted on December 28, 2015

This patient is a 40-year-old male who had a hair transplant with 2548 grafts over 2.5 years ago. He had been slowly losing hair in the frontal area of his scalp hence desired to have hair transplanted there. Dr. Gabel performed a frontal hair transplant of 2548 ultra-refined follicular unit grafts into this region of his scalp to redefine the frontal hairline while increasing density in this area.

Video at 1-year after Frontal Hair Transplant


Video at 2.5-years after Hair Transplant

Frontal view after hair transplant

Frontal 45 downFrontal Hair Transplant Frontal downFrontal Hair Transplant Left 45Frontal Hair Transplant Left 45 down Frontal Hair Transplant LeftFrontal Hair Transplant topFrontal Hair Transplant right 45 Frontal Hair Transplant right 45 downFrontal Hair Transplant Right


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