Patient 1808

Dr. Steven Gabel | FUE 2,170 Grafts | 28 Yr Old Male | 11 Days PO Results | Portland, Oregon


A 28 year old male patient had been dealing with pattern loss in the frontal hairline for many years. The patient found and consulted with Dr. Gabel on what options he may have available. Dr. Gabel recommended a Follicular Unit Excision procedure. After some discussion, the patient opted to go with Dr. Gabel’s recommendation, and scheduled his transplant to restore his hairline. On the day of the surgery Dr. Gabel worked together with the patient to create a new hairline. During the 12 hour procedure, Dr. Gabel transplanted 2,170 hair grafts into the patient’s recipient area in the frontal hairline. There has been 11 days following the procedure, the patient is following Dr. Gabel’s care regimen. His  post-operative photos show excellent healing in his recipient area, and in the donor region.

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