71-year-old patient has 2 hair transplants with Dr. Gabel with great results

Posted on August 13, 2019

Recently this 71-year-old man had two hair transplants at the Gabel Center and stopped into the office for a follow-up appointment. Before his surgeries, he had been concerned with his significantly thinning hair and had searched throughout the Pacific Northwest, before finding Dr. Gabel and the Gabel Hair Restoration Center.

After meeting with Dr. Gabel for the first time, he was diagnosed with alopecia/male pattern baldness. Dr. Gabel let the patient know that he was a good candidate for a hair transplant, but to get the coverage over the top and crown area it would most likely have to be done over 2 procedures. The first transplant was done via the follicular unit transplant strip harvest method where 1,993 grafts were transplanted. The focus of this first procedure was the crown area. The second procedure, also done via the strip method, was done 3 years later, with an additional 2683 grafts. In total, the patient had 4,676 grafts transplanted over the two procedures.

During the second phase of this two-part hair restoration, Dr. Gabel was able to address the patient’s frontal hairline. The reason for splitting up this restoration, besides cost, is that it gives the patient’s scalp time to heal and grow more completely after each procedure.

This video shows the great results and he is more than satisfied and extremely happy. For additional photos, please visit the patient results gallery, or contact us directly via our contact form.

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