What can I expect from the consultation appointment?

Posted on February 22, 2014

Our consultations are designed for our patients to obtain a comprehensive evaluation of their hair loss concerns and solutions to restore their hair.

Prior to your consultation appointment, our office will send forms for you to complete regarding your hair loss, family and medical history. Please bring these with you to your appointment which provides a tremendous amount of information for Dr. Gabel to formulate a treatment plan.

Our patient coordinator will briefly review your history forms with you and go over basic information on hair loss and hair transplantation with our patients.

Next you will meet with Dr. Steven Gabel and he will evaluate your individual concerns, discuss your goals and expectations, answer all of your questions, and guide you in creating a personal treatment plan.  He typically will discuss medical and surgical solutions for hair restoration.

Finally you will meet with our patient coordinator to review and answer any questions you have regarding costs, scheduling, and payment options.

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There is no guarantee on hair restoration results. Individual results may vary.
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