Patient 1815

32-Year-Old Transgender Female has 2,213 graft strip harvest transplant

This transgender patient had noticed severe thinning in the frontal hairline due to pattern loss (Alopecia). She consulted with Dr. Gabel to see what could be done to stop the hair loss and improve her hairline. After examining the patient’s scalp, and donor area, Dr. Gabel recommended the Follicular Unit Transplant procedure (Strip Harvest Method) to improve overall density and restore her receding hairline.

On surgery day, Dr. Gabel drew a new hairline on her scalp which the patient was happy with. Once the specific recipient area was defined, surgery commenced. During the procedure, Dr. Gabel transplanted 2,213 follicular unit grafts into the patient’s recipient area, including the hairline and frontotemporal regions.

Upon completion of the procedure, the patient closely followed Dr. Gabel’s post-operative care regimen to help ensure the best possible results. At 6 months post-procedure, the patient shows excellent growth in the recipient area.  The donor area has healed, and the hairline and frontotemporal zones have begun to fill in. The patient is very pleased with her early results, and looks forward to seeing the final results later in the year, at about 12 to 15 months.

There is no guarantee on hair restoration results. Individual results may vary.
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