Watch a Patient’s Real-Time Growth after 3439 Grafts

Posted on November 8, 2014

Day of hair Transplant

I am presenting this patient who had surgery on September 3, 2014, and will display her results every month on this thread to document the progression of growth in hair restoration surgery. This patient had 3439 grafts placed in the frontal hairline and temples to augment and bring down her hairline.

She has graciously volunteered to return each month to my office for the next year so we will be able to present her photographs in real-time. I feel this is instructive for patients inquiring about the progression of hair restoration surgery and how they may look each month.


preoplines1 preoplines2Immediate1Immediate2

10 Days After hair Transplant

Here are the 10 day suture removal photos from her hair transplant with Dr. Gabel. I tried to attach these to the original post, but I was not able to edit the original post.

As seen, the hairs are all growing which indicates to me that the transplanted hairs are all viable. When patients come back for the suture/staple removal at 10 days, I point this out to them because in a short time, over the next 3 weeks, most of the transplanted hairs will fall out. Some patients become concerned about the hairs falling out so I refer them to these photos that show all the transplanted hairs growing. Also at this time, there is a small amount of exudate or crusting that should be almost gone. All patients will develop some type of exudate and it is important that they follow their physician’s postoperative instructions for proper care in the postoperative period.

front topleft right



2-Months After hair Transplant

These are the 2-month photographs of her progress. As shown, the transplanted hairs have all released and shed. This is normal and expected at this stage. The hairs that are transplanted go through a temporary “shock” period where the actual hair shaft is released. The hair now starts growing a new hair shaft and we will start seeing that in the next few months.

2 months after surgery
2-Months after surgery frontal view
2-months after surgery - left view
2-months after surgery - right  view
2-months after surgery - top view



3-Months After hair Transplant

These are the 3-month postoperative photographs showing that the hairs are now starting to grow in. This patient had 3439 follicular unit grafts transplanted at our Portland Hair Transplant Center. Her hair is matted down as she was wearing a hat all day long prior to coming into the office for her photographs. The hair is just stating to come out, and as expected, it is thin and space. This should change over the next few months as more of the hairs start to grow, and the hair shafts begin to thicken.
3-Month after transplant - frontal view
3-Month after transplant - right view
3-Month after transplant - left view
3-Month after transplant - top view


3-month showing date real time

4-Months After hair Transplant

The following photos are the 4-month update photos. The patient’s hair is now starting to grow out. The hairs are erupting through the skin which we expected at this month. For the next several months, the hairs will continue to erupt through her scalp as we see the density increase.
Frontal 4 months
right 4 months
left 4 months
top 4 months

5-Months After hair Transplant

Here are the 5-month update photos. This patient has been coming into the office each month to display her progress each month.

As shown, the transplanted hairs are all erupting well. She still has a long way to go, but the results are definitely showing. The patient is certainly excited to see this as the transitional period is always the most difficult time since the results are not instantaneous.

It is very interesting to see the progress this patient has made from before surgery, and each month following the procedure. She will be back at show her 6-month result.


6-Months After hair Transplant

Here are the 6-month update photos. This patient has been coming into the office each month to display her progress each month.

At this point, the hairs are growing very well to the point where she is developing the appearance of excellent density and the areas of concern are filling in very well. She has the advantage of having thicker black hair which has a natural curl to it. This gives a denser appearance because it produces a layering effect, which gives a thicker appearance.

Overall, she is extremely happy with the results that she has obtained only in a short 6 months. She still have another year of growing to obtain the final results. She will be back at show her 7-month result.






7-Months After hair Transplant

Here are the 7-month update photos. This patient has been coming into the office each month to display her progress each month.





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