Follicular Units

Posted by Dr. Gabel on Saturday August 16, 2014

Follicular units are naturally occurring groupings of hairs. They are sometimes referred to as “grafts“. When hairs are examined using a high powered microscope, hairs exit the scalp and skin in “families” of 1, 2, 3, 4, or 5 hairs bundled together. These usually exit the skin at one central location and then fan out […]

Will I have scar from a hair transplant procedure?

Posted by Dr. Gabel on Tuesday March 18, 2014

There are many causes of scarring, and scarring can be divided into two categories:  external surgical factors and inherent patient factors.  The most important concept to understand is that anytime an incision is made, whether it is a linear incision, or a small round circular incision, a scar will be formed.  Our hope at the Gabel Center […]

FUE, FUT, and the strip method?

Posted by Dr. Gabel on Tuesday March 18, 2014

FUE is an abbreviation for follicular unit extraction and FUT is an abbreviation for follicular unit transplantation. You may also see FUT called the strip method. FUE is a method in which a small punch- like device is used to remove individual follicular units from the donor area. With FUT or the strip method a […]

What is the donor area

Posted by Dr. Gabel on Tuesday March 18, 2014

The donor area is located at the back of the head and extends around and above the ears on the sides of the scalp. This is the area that the grafts are harvested or taken from. The hair is harvested from this area because the hairs that grow in this area are genetically programmed to […]

How long does the appointment last?

Posted by Dr. Gabel on Tuesday March 18, 2014

Most consultation appointments last for approximately one hour.

What Can I Expect From The Consultation Appointment?

Posted by Dr. Gabel on Saturday February 22, 2014

Consultation at the Gabel Hair Restoration Our consultations are designed for our patients to obtain a comprehensive evaluation of their hair loss concerns and solutions to restore their hair. Prior to a consultation appointment, our office will send forms to complete regarding hair loss, and family and medical history. We request patients bring the completed […]

DLM Internal

Posted by Dr. Gabel on Sunday June 4, 2000

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