Patient 1809

40-year-old male patient has FUE transplant of 2,181 hair grafts with Dr. Steven Gabel, 10-day results

This patient is a 40-year-old male who desired to increase the density of his hair at the frontal zone of his scalp. The examination revealed a significant hair loss at the hairline and frontal area. After some discussion with the patient regarding treatment, the patient opted to go with Dr. Gabel’s recommendation of a Follicular Unit Excision transplant to restore his hairline.

On the day of the surgery, Dr. Gabel worked together with the patient to create a new hairline. During the 12 hour procedure, Dr. Gabel transplanted 2,181 follicular unit grafts in the frontal zone and mid-scalp.

There have been 10 days following the procedure, the patient is following Dr. Gabel’s care regimen. His post-operative photos show excellent healing in his recipient area, and in the donor region.

There is no guarantee on hair restoration results. Individual results may vary.
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