38-year-old woman patient has frontal hairline restored with 1,092 graft hair transplant

Posted on September 5, 2019
Close up of the frontal hairline, left side
Notice that the previously bald area in the frontal temporal hairline now has excellent growth after only 7 months.

This patient is a 38-year-old woman who has thinning hair due to female alopecia, She was concerned with the appearance of her frontal hairline, and frontal-temporal areas of her scalp where the thinning is most noticeable. After consulting with Dr. Gabel, it was determined that she is an excellent candidate for a Follicular Unit Transplant via the strip harvest method. During this procedure, Dr. Gabel transplanted 1,092 hair grafts from the patient’s donor area to the frontal areas of her hairline. The post-operative photographs here were taken 7 months after the patient’s surgery. She is very excited and satisfied with her results. Her final results will be apparent at 12-18 months.

Before and After Right Side Hairline

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