Patient 1801

36-Year-Old Male
FUT Strip Harvest
Number of Grafts: 3,361
patient 1801 bc web front

Patient 1805

Age: 40 Yr old male
FUT Strip Harvest
Number of Grafts: 3342
1 year after surgery
patient 1805 ma web front45

Patient 1807

FUT Strip Harvest
Number of Grafts: 2884
1 year, 3 months after surgery
patient 1807 wc web front 45

Patient 1808

28-Year-Old Male
FUE Follicular Unit Excision
Number of Grafts: 2,170
11 days after surgery
patient 1808 pb 2

Patient 1809

40-Year-Old Male
FUE Follicular Unit Excision
Number of Grafts: 2,181
10 Days after surgery
patient 1809 03 m 2181g fue 10days web3

Patient 1810

34-Year-Old Male
FUE Follicular Unit Excision
Number of Grafts: 2,145
13 months after surgery
patient 1810 tn web front45

Patient 1817

32-Year-Old Male
FUE Follicular Unit Excision
Number of Grafts: 2.021
2 years, 4 months after surgery
patient 1817 ck web front45

Patient 1821

33-Year-Old Male
FUT Strip Harvest
Number of Grafts: 1,492
6 months after surgery
patient 1821 ak web

About the Photos

Real Patients, Unretouched Photos

The Gabel Center and Dr. Gabel utilize all our own photography and client portraits. In order to ensure this, all of our hair transplant photos are photographed using a top of the line digital camera in brightly lit studio. When we are able, we also provide a short video montage of our patients before and after results. This shows the patients hair in a real world situation and helps to further guarantee that the photo and video are indeed the genuine article.

Side by Side Photos

The best way we've found to showcase the photos we take are to have several different images that can be displayed all at once. We've added a slider photo, which allows you to see the patient prior to and after the surgery from each particular angle when all hair is fully grown in. It is a remarkable transformation to see, and gives a very accurate representation on their final results. In addition, it allows you to take an up close look at areas such as the hairline.

Inspecting Clinic Results Photos

While you are researching potential doctors for your procedure, its always good to pay close attention to the fine details. Patient images should be in focus, and utilize natural light. Patients' hairlines should appear natural with good fullness. If the image is blurred, or has heavy shadows, poor lighting, or little to no close-ups, it could potentially mean that the final results are less than desired.

The Gallery Continues to Grow

As our patient list continues to grow, we plan on continually expanding the gallery section of our site in order to bring you our very latest patient results. If you'd like to see more of our client photos in detail, please call or email our main office, and we can provide you with even higher resolution photos and detail shots of many of our patient hairlines.

There is no guarantee on hair restoration results. Individual results may vary.
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